Sunday, December 28, 2008


A new update!! Where have i been?? I know that's the question on all of your minds, (all three of you) No one updates their blogs much anymore.
But I decided to.
This school year has gone by so FAST! Junior year is pretty easy.. besides college classes i guess. I passed PreCal, and that's all that matters. My very first C. But I'll take it, a C is MUCHHH better than a F.

We didn't send out a Christmas card this year, I was the only one that attempted to make one... but when I did, was having technical difficulties.. and it was like, 3 days away from Christmas anyways. too late to send them out...
but here's the pic we were gonna use...from the Polar Express.

Not much new has happened,
I got a LOT of clothes for Christmas. WAYY to many to fit in my tiny closet. I need a new one, I've been trying to talk them into letting me use the hall closet. We got a Wii (which we've been wearing out..) and i got some ed hardy perfume,, the pink kind, and some uggs!
Pretty much the only thing going on in my life is Basketball! I'm starting to like it better, since i'm improving haha, and actually getting play time on Varsity. I've actually been able to start a few times.. But personally i think I do better when i don't start, because i'm nervous or something haha. but check out these pictures from a game..

look at those up's! haha yes, i did make that shot even though i was fouled (and they didn't call it)

haha, there's me trying to rebound, even tho i was probably the smallest one on the court..

We have a tournament at CH (home) monday and tuesday... wednesday maybe? i'm not sure. I just tmro at ten is our first game.

hmm... guess that's it for now..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Love Is...

Love is a sweet smile that comes from your heart,
Love is knowing you'll never be apart.

Love is that tingly feeling you get when you know they care,
Love is knowing no matter what, they'll always be there.

Love is a friendship that lasts forever,
Love is a word that means never say never.

Love is a bond that will always last,
Love is a memory of moments in the past.

Love is sometimes hurtful but ends up great,
Love is the exact opposite of hate.

Love is patient, love is kind,
Love is something from the heart and even the mind.

Love is sometimes a bottomless pit,
Love is whatever you choose to make it.

I was unpacking some stuff from boxes and i found this poem i wrote in, i think it was, the 8th grade, I didn't add anything or edit it. And I thought it was cute and i wanted to dedicate it to all my friends and family,, because i love you!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fine at NINE!

WHOA! It's hard to believe that my little baby cousin is nine as of todayy!!
So this post is a tribute to my favorite little nine year old, RYLAN!
With a sweet personality and kind heart, he ALWAYS makes me laugh.
As much as i wanted to be able to make it to his party, the whole hour drive wasn't working with my volleyball schedule.
(we sent a video, hope you got it)
so, happy birthday rylan! i love ya!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rainy days!

haha watch emma!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Childhood Dreams

It’s the ambition of many children to be like their favorite superhero, Wonder Woman, Superman, or maybe even Sponge Bob. My childhood dreams were simple, but probably unlike those of the stereotypical kid. I dreamed of becoming a sister, a role model, and a teacher. I was an only child for eight happy years, and I absolutely dreaded being alone. There was usually someone always by my side to keep me company. I wanted so bad to have a little brother or sister that could tag-along. After waiting eight years, I finally got my little sister, and I was so happy to not be as “alone” as I thought I was before. (And no regrets, but I actually do kind of miss the attention!) Being an older sister is a big responsibility. I had and still have many people in my life that I look up to. As I got older, and realized the impact that those role models had on my life, I decided that I want to live my life as a role model, for my sister, my little cousins, anyone that I am able to be there for like those that were there for me. Many of the decisions I make in everyday life are based on that idea that someone is looking up to me. When I think about people viewing me as a role model, it makes me want to better myself so that I am able to live up to those expectations of having an impact on someone’s life. And some of the people that have had the biggest impact in my life are teachers. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be an elementary teacher. I admire the influence that teachers can have on so many lives of the kids they teach, being a teacher ties in with being a role model. As I got older, I realized there are many more job opportunities available, and I’ve decided to start off at a different job that might pay more and would be fun for a younger girl. But, I still have every intention of one day being able to teach.

*and that is my first english paper as a junior :] ((besides summer reading stuff... that doesn't count))

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rae for prez!

Well, i wasn't gonna say anything, but now that the big news is out, here's the video.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Cabin Fever

Last thursday, Claire, Leslie, Dayna, Alyssa and I had a girl's night out sleepover at the cabin. We stayed out there by ourselves, it was so much fun! We ordered a pizza and bought lots of junk food, took them out to the cabin and we went out on the paddle boat, we sat on the porch and shared secrets and prank called :]. We spent like, two hours playing catch phrase music edition, which reminded us of so many old songs we used to love. We ended it with a movie, and actually went to sleep pretty early for a sleepover, around 2 or 3ish. We also had an unfortunate event with the toilet, so i thought I'd share this video with you, this is us trying to unclog the toilet.... Note: it was like 9:00 am (thats EARLY for us considering we went to sleep so late)
enjoy!! :]

"we are real valley girls"

**update** Kelli, emma just told me that you used a stick that looked just like that as a walking stick the other day. And if you found that "walking stick" underneath the porch, than I hate to tell ya, but that's definatley the pee stick. HAHA!